1. Sensory World: An interactive place for learning based on the design of a house and garden for visitors to explore familiar places from a sensory perspective.


 2. Sensory stories: 17 free sensory stories that are switch accessible that read story and pair for student to explore with common sensory items

 Educators, Parents and Guardians: 


 Sensory play activities and stations ideas for children shown in pictures from common objects

 classroom strategies pertaining to sensory issues


99 Sensory activities 

Vision Resources:  a wide variety of resources and training that can be used to assist with an array of sensory programming needs provided the have been registered

Sensory Street: integration strategies and information benefit ALL abilities 

Sensory Smarts consideration for schools: this site has information on regarding sensory processing information which can provide some understanding with the support of an Occupational therapist (OT) to determine specific programming needs  

Eyecanlearn: fun way to help practice "learning-related" visual information process skills