Mouse skills:
1. Build a Snowman - Click and drag components to create your picture.
2. Tidy the Classroom
- Excellent site to learn how to drag and drop, click once, click twice, or drag.
3. Feed the Monster - Click and drag the food to the monster so he can eat.
4. Fire Flies - Use your mouse to catch the fireflies and put them in the jar. Program adds up the amount as they are put in the jar.
5. MiniMouse - Practice your mouse skills with these games, thinking spatially as they predict their character’s movements. Basic hand-eye coordination and timing skills are introduced.
6. Build mouse skills: simple activites to click, drag, and drop
7. Jigsaw Puzzles Click on an image to go to the puzzle of that image. Click on each piece to pick it up. Click again to drop it. (Poisson Rouge)
8. Matching Puzzles Click on a mobile to select an image. Click on each piece and place it on the right spot. It's not as easy as it seems... (Poisson Rouge)
9. Rycroft Park This section of Poisson Rouge contains a variety of creative and engaging activites that require a sense of discovery. Collect eight icons to complete the puzzle.
10.  Keyboarding activities:


BGRS Occupational Therapist
provides a Developing Graps and Slant Board Tutorial for children from pre-school to grade 3.

Teachers, Parents and Guardians:

occupational therapy activity planOTPlan activity idea and treatment plan, matches the skills you want to work on, with the materials you have, to a detailed OT treatment activity.  Each activity details the purpose, materials needed, process, rating for the activity, and comments.


OT On-hand graphicOccupational Therapy On-Hand. The aim of this dynamic resource is to educate and provide resources (activities, materials, information, strategies) that teachers and other staff can use readily in the school setting.


   Sensory activities and stations ideas for children shown in pictures from common objects

  Do2Learn: fine motor skills development 

Neo help with writing. How to get started with the Neo ? Click on the image for a 2 minute video to get you started. Resources
Alpha Word Quick Start Guide , Alpha Smart Manager Manual , 
Summary of Neo Features , Google Docs and Neo2 , Using Math facts offline , keyword lessons , Quick Start Guide Neo 2

Output Alternatives ideas and resources: 

-web camera to create video logs and visual stories

-record voice using a dicataphone, digital recorder, sound clip recording software comes with most computers or try: Vocaroo ,  Voxopop, Audacity

-Web 2.0 tools Grades  1-3,4-6,7-12