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Below are general resources that do not fit in the above categories. Contact the e-mail link to share ideas or comments.
Government of Alberta Education: Supporting diverse learning needs.  


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Character Education        Medical  Conditions      Making a Difference       Social Participation


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 Supporting English Language Learners

 Tools, Strategies and Resources

star.pngBasic concepts:

1. Shahi is a visual dictionary that combines Wiktionary content with Google, Yahoo, and  Flickr images

2. Papunet Website offers free games/activities that can be accessed by mouse or switch. Simple learning activities include word exercises, puzzles, memory games, drawing, etc

star.pngstar.pngAll subjects:

1. UDL tool kit: FREE tools accessed by Internet download to provide improved access and to accommodate for learner differences

2. Professor Garfield: free delivery of innovative and motivational digital learning content with a primary emphasis on children’s literacy.

3. Knowledge and Employability Studio all subjects in grade 8 - 12 K & E 

4. Incorporate FNMI content across subjects and grade levels provided by University of Lethbridge and contains 779 documents, including lessons and resources

5. Lingro    online tool that turns any website or digital text file into an interactive dictionary. Users can click on a word to view its definition and hear its pronunciation. Supported by 12 languages.

6. FlexBooks - cK-12 customizable, free, curriculum-aligned content for K-12. Textbooks and study guides for most subject areas

7. Summarize or compact text using online tools like textcompactor (PC & Mac friendly) or download a open source text summarizer, or use purchasable programs like Read and Write Gold or Mac OS X summarize tool

8.  Use your Microsoft office to check readability/grade level of text. Click here the how to guide.

9. Provincial Achievement Exam released for preparation, information and inform instructional practice in a .pdf file format and a interactive learning format on QuestA+


1. online  math courses grades 1-6, 8-12 on this page were developed by the Distributed Learning Branch of Alberta Education for use by Alberta teachers, students and parents. For the click here for extras  junior high.

2. Study Jams: great review includes a teaching video, key vocabulary, and also has a  “test yourself” section (numbers, multiplication, decimals/percents, geometry, data analysis, problem solving, addition subtraction, fractions, algebra, measurement, probability)

3. Khan Acadmy: Practice math at your own pace with our adaptive assessment environment. You can start at 1 + 1 and work your way into calculus or jump right into whatever topic needs some brushing up.

4. Under the sea: interactive learning activities consisting of Counting Canadian money, number forms, place value, comparing numbers, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, patterns, perimeter, time, 3-D objects and 2-D shapes, Data Analysis

5. Virtual Math manipulatives

6. Math-o-rama: Features opinion polls, study tips, online math games, word problems, glossary, manipulatives and interactive puzzles k-6. 

7. Math Charts/ Dictionary provide guidance, reference cards and concepts explanations

8. Time Explorer: students complete a variety of activities dealing with time, such as: predicting, estimating, converting units.

9. Canadian Money Explorer: purchase items in a catalogue, show the same value using two different collections of money

10. games-based-learning sites, where students learn Mathematics from specific exercises/challenges that teachers can assign to individuals or classes  which the teacher can analyze student performance in terms of achievement vs. effort, and also allow you to download these results for use in other packages

11. XtraMath: A free web based program teachers can assign and track student work to master basic math facts

12. Mathsexcellence  free textbooks k-12

13. Math Board , Math Board and Representing Algebra Equations  as well as My Math Learning Folder (.zip file). Using the blackline masters  a variety of math boards students can use to discover relationships between different ways of expressing math operations developed and shared with permission by Dawn Reithaug. 


Extra large calculator simple and online

Talking Calculator: simple online talking calculator

Desmos graphing Calculator online, chrome webstore or itunes

TI-89 graphing calculator Emulator download to your computer free

TI 83 and 73 Emulator download to your computer free



1. Extra resources you may find helpful with multimedia segments may provide some alternate means of representation and engagement on Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8Grade 9  high school science 10 ,  14 , 20 , 24, 30 ; biology 20 , 30 ;chemistry 20, 30 ; Physics 20 , 30 .

2. Periodic Table of ComicBooks. Click on an element to see a list of comic book pages involvingthat element.

3, Mathsexcellence free textbooks K-12


1. Extra resources you may find helpful with multimedia segments may provide some alternate means of representation and engagement on Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10-1, Grade 10-2, Social 20-1, Social 20-2, Social 30-1, Social 30-2

2. Critical Challenges: Websites  references for critical challenges by Learn Alberta from K-12.

3. Breaking News English:  Provides activities & lessons on current world events at lower reading levels with basic learning activities to demonstrate their learning with matching, fill in the blank, pre/post reading activities. The stories are not only in a text format but also in a mp3 format which is recorded in real human voices which can play on any netbook,mp3, or tablet player. Articles are categorized by topic of business,environment,health,world,technology, etc. grades 4-12.

4. Manitoba Education has many resources for Social Studies that coincide with correlated to Alberta curriculum on topics like Community, Cananda, Government, and the World for grades from k to 12 with each grade providing a book, blackline masters, curriculum at a glance poster as well as supporting websites 





1. Education Place: Grade 1-6 interactive learning, student favourites vocabulary builders eword game , word builder, word sort, and spelling match

2. Digital reading 


Trueflix videos and interactive non-fiction books organized according to the following categories: Grade 3-6 provided by LearnAlberta. (Login should load automatically if not obtain LearnAlberta login from your Administration)


btn_bk.pngBookflix:  Fiction and non-fiction books organized according to the following themes: A Grade k-3 provided by LearnAlberta. (Login should load automatically if not obtain LearnAlberta login from your Administration)

3. Enhanted learning: Picture dictionary with links as well as classroom activities

4.  : ABRACADABRA for K- 3

5. The K-5 Student Center Activities (SCA) and K-5 Instructions student center activities and their accompanying activity masters by grade level and reading component by Florida Center for Reading Research 

6. Treasures Workbooks from k-6 resources for vocabulary building, spelling and grammar by McGraw-Hill

7. Tumblebooks The Beaumont Library provides a link to Tumblebooks. Look for the link on the right side of the Home page.

8. Glencoe's Vocabulary Builder is a research-based program that helps students strengthen their vocabulary for better reading comprehension and improved performance on standardized tests. There are seven workbooks in the program, one for each of grades 6 through 12.

9. Language Arts developed by the Distributed Learning Branch of Alberta Education accessible for use by Alberta teachers, students and parents. Grade One, Two, Three, Seven, Eight , Nine, Ten-1, Ten-2, Twenty-1, Twenty-2, Thirty-1, Thirty-2

* Your school login should load automatically when clicking the link, if not as your school administration for you school login. **To access the teaching guide teacher's need to login with their Alberta teaching certificate.

10.  Support for Literacy in Secondary School Classrooms by Curriculum Services Canada


11. SEEC: Supporting, Engaging and Enhancing Comprehension for Students in High School 

12. SymbolWorld : specifically for picture symbol users. It has free material for all ages and includes news, personal contributions, stories and learning materials.
13. StrategyTools free download software is made for you (youth) to support your success in high school and beyond with electronic tools/templates to help you get organized, learn and pass tests, complete projects, solve personal problems, action plans, projects, and prepare for transition to adult life. PC and MACs

14. Teaching Elementary Students to be Effective Writers by The Institute of Education Sciences (2012)


Health & Life Skills Resources
Student Resource:
1. Speaking of Speech: Life skills materials from grooming, following directions, functions of objects to shopping developped for and by teachers and speech language pathologists to use and share resources.
2. Teaching Social Skills in Language Arts for middle school students ,activities about meeting and dealing with other people in English and Spanish. Developed by classroom teachers, a speech therapist and a audiologist from Contra County Education.
3. skillwise.pngSkillswise: Video clips, online games, printable worksheets, quizzes, books and factsheets  free for adults and students from the United Kingdom's educational curriculum skills for life numeracy and literacy. 
4. Life Skills Lesson plans  - can be adapted for various age levels focus is grade 8 to 10 from BC Ministry of Education
learnfree.png5. Every Day Life interactive and situation based lessons to teach functional literacy & numeracy skills. The educational objectives from literacy task categories by the National Assessment of Adult Literacy and a Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System competency number from the activities are listed here . 
6. Banking
young_adults.png teens.png kids.png
Young Adults Teens      Kids
This is designed for individual and classroom use aligned 
with American state Standards as well numerous National Councils, click here for more information and instructor guides to the online student resources.    
5. Safety sign coloring pictures by do2learn
 6. Manual of traffic Signs website is a listing of the most commonly used traffic signs with picture downloads
7. Vocabulary learning platform Student listen to words in a picture context, match, fill in, and dictate on the topics like community, food, clothing, school, etc  
8. Daily Living and Cooking Activities recipes and activites with pictures and words created by a special education teacher in Wisconsin, U.S.A.
Teacher Resource:
1. Health & Life Skills Alberta program of studies links for K-9 and 10 -12 with search tools to resources 
2. Health and wellness for grade 7, 8, 9 lessons organized into  modules: Wellness Choices; Relationship Choices; Life-Learning Choices; Culminating Project. Assignments, multimedia segments and a course glossary are available
2. Social skills:  lesson plans, assessments, and classroom activites for individual and groups, checklists, worksheets. 
3. Teaching Relationship Health: Collection of resources around boundaries, social and relational health for a classrooom with diverse abilities.
4. do2Learn: Picture cards promote independent completion of daily living skills  and support social interactions 

inclusiveED.pngInclusive Education: Intent of this website is to provide you with a variety of accessible learning opportunities to support implementation of an inclusive learning environment.


ACCD provides FREE Disability Awareness Presentators to come to your school and classrooms to educate and change attitudes on diversity, acceptance and inclusion for all K-12.

connectability-logo.png online learning modules, tools and tip sheets for professionals and parent on Behaviour, Communication and Accomodations to support inclusion developed by Community Living Toronto
Stuff4educator: Teaching Suggestions are short and effective teaching methods and techniques used in the classroom.






Making Connections: Universal Design for Learning, Differentiated Instruction and Individualized Supports Webinar Series monitored by Kathy Howery
Special Education Technology British Columbia resource  for Univeresal Design for Learning in the Classrooms







Learner Profile - UDL form 

      FREE online Center for Applied    

Special Technology has  UDL modules    

Inclusive_learning.jpgBlack Gold Student Services provides Inclusive Learning Technologies that can support our students by addressing many types of learning as well as behavioural needs.

Speak to your Learning Support Teacher or Student Services staff, considering the Student, Environment and Tasks, to collaboratively determine the Tools including resources and strategies.

 Click here for the  ATL request form


1. Alberta Education information on ATL

2. ABLEDATA database of assistive technology by each product's intended function or any special features it possesses

3. QIAT: QIAT Consortium is a grassroots group that includes hundreds of individuals who provide input into the ongoing process of identifying, disseminating, and implementing a set of widely-applicable Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Services in School Settings that can be used as a tool to support

4. ATiA: The mission of Assistive Technology Industry Assocation (ATiA ) is to serve as the collective voice of the assistive technology industry so that the best products and services are delivered to people with disabilities 

microsoft-accessibility.jpg5. Microsoft accessibility options Demos and Tutorials, Accesibility checker for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and more Free Tools help engage students.


toolbelt.jpg6. UDL tool kit: free technology for all students in the classroom

7. educATe: online Support Serives for school districts is a Canadian web service subcription that delivers the tools and curricular content teachers andstudents need to get their Assistive Technology (AT) working in their classrooms

8.Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education (CTE)  resource to support educators and families of children with disabilities to assist in developing student plans, AT, tools, strategies and implementation practices.

9. SWEET AT Toolkit: was developed to meet the need for access to low-tech, inexpensive tools designed to assist young children with disabilities to learn, play, grow and participate with peers and family members

10. Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI): Assistive Technology materials and supports for educational settings.


1-2-1 Mobile Media Tablet Various Rubrics on how to evaluate an APP


PC and MAC Applications:

logo-shadow.pngLearning works provides parents, teachers, and clinicians FREE guides on apps and video games to improve executive functioning skills. Their focus is on using the newest games and technology to help kids with Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety, Depression, and other special needs. 

iAutism: applications suitable for people with autism, and in general for people with special needs, classified into 14 categories for Andriod and  Apple OS. 



Autism Speaks reviews applications many are cross platform for operating systems Andriod, Apple, and JAVA desktop




 Chrome APPs for education will work on PC and MAC



 iPad and iPod Applications:

Classroom : Apple Apps


APPs by general learner profiles: apple Apps in categories  Behavior Management, EF and Data Tools Books and Literacy, Curriculum Based, Sensory and Motor Development, Language and Communication Math and Number Concepts , Productivity, EF and Teaching

Blooms Taxonomy  of Apple Apps


Andriod Applications :

Andriod Apps for Our Kids


Google Play Education Apps for Tablets and smart phones


Blackberry Apps:

Blackberry APPs for education