It’s easy to switch your keyboard to another language setting. If other keyboards are enabled you can press ‘alt-shift’ to toggle through them. If they are not enabled, do the following to add them:

1) Go to your personal icon and select ‘settings’

2) Select ‘keyboard settings’

3) Select ‘Change language and input settings’

4) Select ‘add’

5) Select ‘French (français) from the list

6) Now you can select Canadian French Keyboard as an input method

Accents are added by typing the accent, then the letter they apply to, for example ` then a = à

The cédille key then c = ç

e accent aigu has its own key that it shares with a question mark, so typing a question mark is a little trickier: alt gr and shift key and ? = ?

other symbols such as the @ symbol, fractions ¼, paragraph ¶ and the degree ° symbol are available by using the alt gr key and either number keys or certain other keys.

Switching back to the English keyboard is simply alt and shift!

This also works on regular Chromebook keyboards but you need to know the keys! Here is the international keyboard.