English as a Second Language

English as a second language co-ordinator :

Rachel Djordjevic 


Resource Links

http://www.learnalberta.ca/content/eslapb/search.html - ESL proficiency benchmarks

Use the Benchmarks tracking sheets to document language proficiency growth over time. Student writing samples and videos illustrating levels of speaking proficiency support teachers in using the Benchmarks. Printable Benchmarks with examples and Division Level Summariesare also available.



This resource is dedicated to enhancing the capacity of educators to work effectively with the sub-group of English Language Learners who face additional challenges as a result of the circumstances of their migration and their lack of opportunity for prior English Language schooling.



Muzzy Online Watch the Muzzy Story and play interactive language learning games and vocabulary lessons in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Portugese and English. This resource is available under license through LearnAlberta and must be accessed through the LearnAlberta portal. Use the BGRD district user name and password.