Social Division 4

General Social Links

Logical Fallacies - recognizing bias, propaganda and fallacies.

The Canadian Social Studies Super Site - hosted by the U of A

AISI-landscape_logo.jpgSkills and Processes: Scope and Sequence in Secondary Social Studies- This scope and sequence document is designed as an auxillary tool to help BGRS teachers create, revise, and incorporate more effective tools for teaching communication skills with students.

Political and Economic Spectrum

Current Events - Newspapers from Around the World

 cbc.jpg - 1000's of infographics in 21 categories.


AISI-landscape_logo.jpgHow can I write my own powerful questions? Is it possible for students to create their own powerful, higher order thinking questions?  How can we capitalize on this quality, in-depth thinking to create assessment opportunities?   Created by Val Baron (EJELS) and Terra Kaliszuk (AISI Instructional Coach)

AISI-landscape_logo.jpg Written Conversation Teacher Planning Page

Critical_Inquiry___Social_Studies_Project.png A project sponsored by the Central Alberta Regional Consortium with lessons and resources for Social Studies in Grades 2-12.