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Use this resource to locate magazine articles, science experiments, science encyclopedia articles, images, audio & video clips, illustrations, graphs & web links related to a wide range of science study: earth science, science history, life science, space, physics, math, chemistry, biology, natural science, environmental science, biotechnology & more.

Visualize Science This site will let both students and teachers interact with material on the web, rather than just reading text. Topics include: light and optics, mechanics, electricity and magnetism, life science, and wave theory.

Science Links

Unit A: Investigating Properties of Matter

Unit B: Understanding Energy Transfer Technologies

BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgBGRSD Projects

Energy Transfer - Rube Goldberg Machine

Chapter 5 Heat and Heat Transfer

ICT 5-1, Brownian Motion Internet Connect (p. 82) 
Microscopy UK: Studying Brownian Motion
Brownian Motion Animation
ICT 5-2, Renewable Energy 
 Internet Connect (p. 98) 
Solar Energy Society of Canada

Chapter 6 Controlling Heat Transfer

ICT 6-1, Surviving in the Arctic Internet Connect (p. 121)
Arctic Studies Center
Keeping Cozy with Kamiks 
ICT 6-2 Emergency Survival Kit Internet Connect (p. 122) 
Safe Canada Winter Survival

Chapter 7 Simple Machines and Energy Transfer

7-1 The Great Pyramids Internet Connect (p. 144) 
Simple Machines - EdHeads 
Mysteries of Egypt: Pyramids 
7-2 Fuel Cells Internet Connect (p. 149) 
Beyond Batteries
 This resource explains that the energy efficiency of a device is calculated by comparing the useful energy output to the energy input. 

Unit B Project: Capture Sun's Rays
Solar Oven Challenge 
Solar Cookers International

Solar Cooker Plans
Solar Oven Society

Unit C - Investigating Matter and Energy in Living Systems

Chapter 8 Structure and Function of Plant and Animal Cells

ICT 8-1 Scanning Electron Microscope Internet Connect (p. 159) 
Boston Museum of Science

The Virtual Microscope 
ICT 8-2 Plant and Animal Cells
 Internet Connect (p. 165) 
Cells Alive

Chapter 9 Life Functions Common to Living Things

ICT 9-1 The Heart Internet Connect (p. 189) 
Leading With The Heart 
Nova Map of the Human Heart
Operation: Heart Transplant
 How to transplant a heart in 19 easy steps. Shockwave required. 
Open Heart
The Virtual Digestive System

Chapter 10 Food for Life

ICT 10-1 Canada's Food Guide Internet Connect (p. 204) 
Canada's Food Guide
ICT 10-2 Calories Chart
 Internet Connect

Nutritional Analysis Tool The Nutrition Analysis Tool (NAT) is a web based program that allows anyone to analyze the foods they eat for various different nutrients. 
Healthy Body Calculator
 Use the Healthy Body Calculator to determine your overall physical health.

Chapter 11 Maintaining Homeostasis

ICT 11-1, Life Expectancy
Longevity Game 
ICT C-1 What Is Cloning?
 Internet Connect (p. 233)

FSNC - What is Animal Cloning
Roslin Institute

Cloning Fact Sheet
Body In Balance Investigate and present any one of seven major organ systems of the human body. An excellent project of the Galileo Network.

Unit D - Investigating Matter and Energy in the Environment

Chapter 12 The Web of Life

ICT 12-1, Composting with Worms 
Composting With Red Wiggler Worms
The Water Cycle
The Carbon Cycle

Chapter 13 Populations

ICT 13-1, Human Population Growth Internet Connect (p. 255)

World Population Clock 
ICT 13-2, The Life and Times of the Burrowing Owl
 Internet Connect (p. 257)

Burrowing Owl Alberta Birds of Prey
Burrowing Owl
 Environment Canada
Species At Risk In Alberta
Species At Risk Profiles
ICT 13-3, Invasive Plants
 - Internet Connect (p. 268) 
Canadian Wildlife Invasive Plants

Canadian Wildlife Invasive Species
Analyzing An Ecosystem

Chapter 14 Ecosystems and Biomes

ICT 14-1, Rain Forest Soil Internet Connect (p. 279) 
Rain Forest Biome
Real World Ecosystems

Chapter 15 Protecting the Environment

Climate Change our changing climate will provide exceptional online resources and tools to support teachers, students and their parents as they explore the issues, the realities and our role as individuals in this complex environmental equation. 
Water Watch
 The goal of Water Watch is to engage students, teachers and community members around Alberta in an investigation of the sources, uses and conservation options for Alberta's water resources. 
Home Sweet Home
 The goal of Home Sweet Home is for Alberta students to make a collective and personal commitment in working towards an Alberta future where environmental sustainability is addressed, and to celebrate their collective commitment to making a difference 
ICT 15-1, Refrigeration and the Ozone Layer
 Internet Connect (p. 300) 
Impact of Refrigeration
A Primer On Ozone Protection
ICT 15-2, Recycling Aluminum

Alcan Inc.

Aluminum Can Recycling

Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Program
Solid Waste Recycling

ICT 15-3, Ducks Unlimited Canada Internet Connect (p. 303) 
DU Canada
TU Canada
ICT 15-4, Pros and Cons of Pesticides

Pesticides and Wild Birds
Sierra Club of Canada

Pest Control Canada
ICT D-1, Make a Difference!

Alberta River Watch
Destination Conservation

Alberta Amphibian Monitoring Program
Project Feederwatch

Yellow Fish Road
Trout Unlimited