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Use this resource to locate magazine articles, science experiments, science encyclopedia articles, images, audio & video clips, illustrations, graphs & web links related to a wide range of science study: earth science, science history, life science, space, physics, math, chemistry, biology, natural science, environmental science, biotechnology & more.

Physics 20 Physics 20 addresses numerous topics from the senior high school physics curriculum such as Kinematics; Dynamics; Circular Motion, Work, and Energy; and Oscillatory Motion and Mechanical Waves. The resource presents interactive Gizmos licensed from ExploreLearning and interactive applets that simulate a wide range of physics experiments. It also includes videos from the following two series: The Mechanical Universe and The Mechanical Universe...and Beyond. 

Physics 20 Distributed Learning Project Resources 

PhysicsSource Website This website is being developed to support the new Physics 20-30 curriculum. 

PhET Physics Education Technology  Fun, interactive simulations of physical phenomena from the Physics Education Technology project at the University of Colorado. 

HippoCampus Outstanding physics lessons that includes video, animations, and problems. Introductory to advanced physics topics. 

Visualize Science This site will let both students and teachers interact with material on the web, rather than just reading text. Topics include: light and optics, mechanics, electricity and magnetism, life science, and wave theory. 

Java Applets for Physics

Physics 20 Alberta Learning has produced a set of learning objects for Physics 20 that is now available online. The learning objects are designed to develop an understanding of concepts in physics by using a highly hands-on, interactive approach using the latest multimedia software. Log in to the LearnAlberta web site and follow the links to Grade 11 physics.

Studyphysics! Bryan Clintberg has built a website that contains web assignments, notes, links and interesting activities for Physics 20 and 30 of the Alberta curriculum. If you use his site be sure to sign the guestbook.

smallnew.gifPhysics of the Circus

smallnew.gifThe Physics Classroom - like the title, everything for a physics classroom, tutorials, animations, interactive studios, calculator help, lab, etc.

Unit 1: Kinematics

Content Map

PhysicsSource: Kinematics

Understanding Motion

Pendulum Motion 

Kinematic Themes: Change and Systems

Kinematics Gizmos and Java Applets for Physics 20. Investigate changes in the position and velocity of objects and systems in a study of kinematics. 

Projectile Motion The students will use a computer applet to discover the relationship between the angle of elevation and the distance traveled by a projectile. 
Projectile Motion Simulator 
Moving Man Simulator 
Motion This link is to the Ross Sheppard, Physics 20, curriculum links. It features notes, Quicktime videos and links to other web pages. 
MIT Courseware - Kinematics Complete on line course including videos and all course material. 
Conservation of Momentum in 2-D Collisions Study elastic collisions between pucks moving on a frictionless surface. 
The Titanic These activities explore: Newton's Laws of Motion, the metric system and conversion, experimental error and validity of information. A Netsplore activity. 

Significant Digits Tutorial Having trouble with significant digits? Try this tutorial to review the rules.

Unit 2: Dynamics

Newton's Laws and the Interaction of Objects 

Factors Influencing the Rate of Deceleration 

Factors Influencing the Rate of Acceleration 

Momentum and Collisions

Dynamics Gizmos and Java Applets for Physics 20. Investigate causes of change in the position and velocity of objects and systems in a study of dynamics and gravitation. The concept of fields is introduced in the explanation of gravitational effects. 

Unit 3: Circular Motion, Work and Energy

Circular Motion, Work and Energy Gizmos and Java Applets for Physics 20. Extend the study of kinematics and dynamics to include uniform circular motion, mechanical energy, work and power. 
Gravity This link is to the Ross Sheppard, Physics 20, curriculum links. It features notes, Quicktime videos and links to other web pages. 
Amusement Park Physics As an engineer, you will choose a specific ride to analyze. Given ride specifications, you will develop a laboratory exercise that will test physics principles and ride safety.

Unit 4: Oscillatory Motion and Mechanical Waves

Oscillatory Motion and Mechanical Waves Gizmos and Java Applets for Physics 20. Describe the conditions that produce oscillatory motion, the properties of mechanical waves and how mechanical waves transmit energy through investigations of simple harmonic motion and mechanical waves. 
Standing Longitudinal Waves 
Sounds Amazing This site is designed to help students understand sound. It uses Flash interactive animations and sound to explain the principles of sound. Topics include sound waves, the wave equation, and wave behaviour. The site includes student and teacher areas. The teacher area includes notes and worksheets. 
Wave On A String Simulator