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Storytelling Through Song: How can a composer's deliberate choices tell a story?

In this lesson, students will explore how a composer's deliberate choices can help to tell a story in a piece of music.  Although these lesson materials are designed for The Sleeping Place of the Stars by Ralph Ford, it can be easily adapted to any other piece.

Teacher Lesson Notes
Student Handout

Music: Grade 1

music.jpg Dans ce projet, les éleves expliqueront la relation entre le ton et le timbre d'un instrument et son emploi dans une piece musicale pour personnifier un personnage.

Fiche d'éleve

Career and Technology Studies



Drawing Lesson

Dvolver - movie maker

So you want to work in Movies

Logo Design - 45 rules for creating a great logo.

Web Design

Web Monkey

Getting Started with Google Sites

Six Revisions - 250 tips


35 mm open source films

Level UP - a learning game for Photoshop

Design Studies

Homestyler - The fast, easy way to design your dream home. Take the guesswork out of home remodeling projects! Get started by laying out your floor plans and experimenting with real products and colors. By AutoDesk, makers of AutoCAD

AutoCAD 360 - A web based CAD program free 30 day trial. Beta/trial version allows a 30 day trial to create drawings from scratch.

Draw.IO - A good simple drawing tool where you insert objects and modify to suit. Snap, Grid, Rotate, etc. Saves to Google Drive.

TinkerCAD - Free online CAD also by AutoDESK


Squishy Circuits - learn electronics using conductive and non conductive playdough.

Fritzing - Electronics drawing program.

Food Studies

The Science of Cooking

The Science of Food - videos of the science behind food.

Health Services

Medical Animation Library

Fine Arts



Google Art Project - like Google Street View for Museums, 51 so far, as well as over 30,000 works of art scanned as high resolution images.

Sistine Chapel - virtual tour of the artwork including Michelangelos " The Creation of Adam"

Art Think - San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Art Glossary, Treasure Hunt.

How Art Made the World


Beatlab - make your own music

Black Gold Music Teachers' Wiki