Career and Life Management

1.Career and Life Management Guide to Implementation is a resource to support teachers with implementation of the program. The guide contains information on implementation, establishing a positive learning climate, planning, instructional strategies, portfolios, differentiating instruction and assessment

2. Tools 4 teachers - CALM: course consists of 35 lessons organized into three modules: Personal Choices; Resource Choices; Career and Life Choices. Assignments, multimedia segments and information about the course is available by Learn Alberta


3. Media Smarts CALM 10-12 provides list of media-related lessons and supporting resource links 

tshmain.png4. CALM 10-12 lesson plans and activities, and comprehensive resources


5. Be The Difference the resources have PowerPoint presentation, a lesson plan, additional activities and a list of required materials with Curriculum links to health, CALM, ICT, science, social studies and language.

6. Young Workers Zone, designed to help you stay healthy and safe at work. Get the information and tools you need in order to venture into the work world on a safe footing by Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety

AWHC_HeaderText.png7. Alberta Workers' Health Centre has classroom materials, lessons, videos and resources for young workers.

 8. Teen Health & Wellness Use this database to find out more about diseases, drugs and alcohol, eating disorders, green living, grief and loss, mental health, sexuality and sexual health, nutrition and fitness, and much more. Access is through the ORC.