Social 8 - Worldviews in Conflict: The Spanish and the Aztecs

General Outcome 8.3

Through an examination of Spanish and Aztec societies, students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how intercultural contact impacts the worldviews of societies.

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Preparing for the Voyage
Select five essential items to take on a conquistador voyage and write a historical justification for your choice of essential items from the point of view of a member of Cortés' voyage to the Americas. HOTS

Remembering the Aztecs
In this challenge, students learn about Aztec cultural beliefs and values by identifying artifacts that represent a particular element of this society’s worldview. Students also select a collection of artifacts to represent all elements of the Aztec worldview.

Decline of an Empire
In this challenge, you will explore reason for the Spanish domination of the Aztecs. You will determine the importance of several factors that lead to Spanish domination, as well as create a pie chart as a visual representation of each factor’s significance.

Take An Internet Field Trip To: Aztec Ruins
Students will use Google Earth to visit eight locations of Aztec ruins.

Aztec Worldview in Pictures
A Calgary Regional Consortium project.

If Explorers Had Facebook 
Students will choose from key Spanish figures who wanted to expand the Spanish Empire.  They will create a page for that figure including beliefs, motivations, interests, etc. 

Critical Challenges - Learn Alberta

When Worldviews Meet Develop profiles of the worldviews of ancient Aztec and Spanish conquistador societies by drawing inferences from historical images and predict the most likely results when these two societies meet.

Identifying Contributing Factors
Determine the relative significance of five key factors in the Spanish domination of the Aztec Empire.

Cultural links and Spanish Contact