Social 8 - Origins of a Western World View - Renaissance Europe

General Outcome 8.2

Through an examination of Renaissance Europe, students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how the exchange of ideas and knowledge contributed to shaping the worldview of the western world.

BGRSLOGOsmall.jpg BGRSD Projects

AISI_Logo.jpgLegacy of the Renaissance  How does the legacy of Renaissance individuals affect your daily life 500 years later?     Created by Janine Woronuk, ELJH and Steve Trueman, BGRD Instructional Coach

Student Sample             Curriculum Connections

AISI_Logo.jpg Conversation With The Pope Convince the pope that your experience as a silk road trader, merchant, former serf, humanist, Gutenberg press operator, or follower of Martin Luther can best explain how the Roman Catholic church needs to change in order to function in a new Renaissance era. Teacher Resource Created by Ben Hyson, Warburg School and Steve Trueman, BGRD AISI Instructional Coach

The Knowledge Explosion Critically examine the impact of major Renaissance contributions on the development of the Western worldview and create an effective illustrated presentation or a display to explain the key developments in an assigned field and their impact.

Renaissance Witness Each student is to research a significant Renaissance person. You are to develop a profile of the individual, including vital statistics, time line, personality characteristics and significant contributions. You will present your findings as a poster or in a multimedia format. Take An Internet Field Trip (page 60 OWV)

Renaissance Connection An interactive website which includes images from their collection. Explore Renaissance life, art and innovations, and their connection to the present day.

Critical Challenges - Learn Alberta

What Was the Renaissance Worldview?Determine the most significant change in worldview brought about by the Renaissance by comparing the implicit worldviews in paired examples of Medieval and Renaissance creative works; e.g., paintings, sculpture, architecture and music.

Trading Centers Recommend the best location for a successful trading city in Renaissance Europe.

Great City-states of the Renaissance Rank selected Italian city-states in order of their influence in shaping a Renaissance worldview.

Evolving Worldview To what extent has the Renaissance worldview shaped your personal worldview?

First-hand Accounts Rewrite a primary document based upon an alternative point of view to create a new "authentic" document.

Renaissance Europe Through Voice Threads A Calgary Regional Consortium project.

Current Events Project Worksheet Rubric A Calgary Regional Consortium project.