Social 8 - From Isolation to Adaptation - Japan

General Outcome 8.1

Through an examination of Japan, students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the ways in which beliefs, values and knowledge shape worldviews and contribute to a society’s isolation or adaptation.

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From Isolation to Adaptation: Japanese Worldview Project Students will determine which events in Japan's pre-modern history affected its people the most.

Take an Internet Fieldtrip to Japanese Castles

Feudalism in Japan and Europe

Rapid Adaptation of the Meiji Period
Write a newspaper article describing the most significant political, social, economic and cultural changes affecting Japanese society in the Meiji period and write an editorial on the desirability of these changes.

Critical Challenges - Learn Alberta

What Changed?
Determine the impact of political, economic and social changes in the Edo and the Meiji periods and rank the three most important changes in the Edo and the Meiji periods that dramatically affected Japanese society.

Looking Inward or Outward in Edo Japan
Compose and present a petition to the shogun outlining why Japan should or should not continue its policy of isolationism and determine the three most important reasons for retaining and the three most important reasons for abandoning Japan's policy of isolationism.

Commodore Perry and the Opening of Japan
Determine the most significant change regarding trade and relations that the United States President Fillmore asked Emperor Komei of Japan to consider in Fillmore's letter dated November 13, 1852 and write a likely response by Emperor Komei’s officials to President Fillmore based upon the Japanese perspective of the time.

Depicting the Edo or the Meiji Worldview
Decipher the implied worldview represented in the artifacts from the assigned period and select five historical artifacts that best reflect the worldview of the Edo or the Meiji period.

What Lessons Can Canada Learn?
What are the two most valuable lessons from cultural isolation during the Edo period and rapid adaptation during the Meiji period for current Canadian policy makers on foreign and domestic issues?