Social Studies Grade 8

From Isolation to Adaptation - Japan

Origins of a Western World View - Renaissance

World Views in Conflict - The Spanish and The Aztecs

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AISI-landscape_logo.jpgSkills and Processes: Scope and Sequence in Secondary Social Studies- This scope and sequence document is designed as an auxillary tool to help BGRS teachers create, revise, and incorporate more effective tools for teaching communication skills with students.

AISI-landscape_logo.jpg How can I write my own powerful questions? Is it possible for students to create their own powerful, higher order thinking questions?  How can we capitalize on this quality, in-depth thinking to create assessment opportunities?Created by Val Baron (EJELS) and Terra Kaliszuk (AISI Instructional Coach)

AISI_Logo.jpgLa littératie orale et textuelle

Cette présentation donne aux élèves l'occasion de co-construire des critères qui décrivent les éléments des supports visuels efficaces et de créer une présentation qui les emplois.

Plan de lecon

Présentation PowerPoint

What is a Worldview? Explore one’s own worldview by completing a questionnaire on key assumptions about the world. Learn to recognize contemporary worldviews by looking for clues about the implied worldview presented in selected newspaper editorials and opinion pieces.


AISI_Logo.jpgAnticipation Guides: Templates for LA/Social 8, FLA 7, and FLA 9.

Program of Study - Historical Worldviews Examined

Summaries of the Critical Challenges for the new Grade 8 Social Studies program.
Our Worldviews Student Centre
Worldviews: Contact and Change Web Links

Calgary Regional Consortium Infusion of Technology into Alberta Social Studies Curriculum. The consortium has created a number of innovative projects based on the critical challenges.