Science 8 Unit E Fresh and Salt Water Systems

BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgAISI_Logo.jpg  Investigating Disaster: Wabamun Lake  In this short, scenario-based project, students will analyze historical information to determine the impact of the oil spill on Wabamun Lake, make recommendations for future action, and reveal the role of scientific research in ecosystem protection and technology development.

Topic 1 A World of Water

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Water Science for Schools Information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge.

Earth's Water This section of Water Science for Schools tells the story of where, how much, and in what forms water exists on Earth.

Topic 2 Earth's Frozen Water

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All About Glaciers A glacier site with something for everyone from glaciologists to grade school students.

Topic 3 Fresh Water Systems

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Water Quality Water Quality is designed to guide students through the process of understanding water quality and let them put that information into practice. Students will gain knowledge of the topic by reading the basics, experimenting without consequence to learn the techniques, applying their knowledge to solve a challenge, and assessing their knowledge with a self-test. A comprehensive glossary also lets them check definitions at any time along the way.

WaterQuest An adventure in watershed awareness designed to enhance students’ understanding of the many impacts on Alberta’s watersheds and ultimately to encourage responsible and sustainable watershed practices.

Alberta's River Basins

Riverwatch This web site is designed to support river ecology studies undertaken by 4000 students each year across central and southern Alberta.

Virtual River Here you will find two interactive exercises designed to help you learn about river processes like discharge, flooding, and flood frequency.

Topic 4 The Oceans

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All About Oceans and Seas

Topic 5 Living in Water

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Freshwater Ecosystems Rivers, streams, ponds, lakes and wetlands.
Marine Ecosystems Shorelines, Temperate and Tropical oceans.

Topic 6 Water Quality and Water Management

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BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgWabamun Lake Oil Spill Disaster Alberta Environment has a web site devoted to information relating to the Wabamun Lake train derailment and oil spill.

Explore more: Water Quality The water we drink, the places we swim, and the plants and animals within our environments are increasingly threatened by pollution. Agriculture and urban runoff, industrial and household uses, and other sources impact this vital resource. Complete a webquest about water quality.

Wonderville Water Treatment Plant Enter Wonderville and take part in an investigation of the water treatment process.

Walkerton and Water Quality

Water for Life:Alberta’s Strategy for Sustainability is our response to develop a new water management approach and outline specific strategies and actions to address the province's water issues.

General Resources


Water Watch The goal of Water Watch is to engage students, teachers and community members around Alberta in an investigation of the sources, uses and conservation options for Alberta's water resources.

Science Focus Study tips, quizzes, and cool things to do.

Water Is Life An educational resource by World Vision Canada. A large Flash movie loads on the first page so be patient.

Alberta Water Quality Awareness Day The AWQA Day program supports the Grade 8 science unit: Freshwater and Saltwater Ecosystems. Water quality testing is a fun way for students to become actively involved in learning about the water bodies around them. 

National Geographic Fresh and Saltwater Ecosystems A comprehensive teaching resource for Unit 5. Choose the unit from the menu. A high speed connection is required.