Science 8 Unit D Mechanical Systems

BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgAISI-landscape_logo.jpg  Design a Multi-tool- In this authentic task, scaffolded for students with special needs, students will design a comlex machine and market it by creating and filming an infomercial. 

AISI_Logo.jpgHow can we make work easier?
Collaboratively developed by J.E. Lapointe Science 8 Teachers and Terra Kaliszuk (AISI Instructional Coach)

AISI_Logo.jpgHow would hockey be different if . . .?

In this concept introduction task, students will explore a thinking device (a powerful question) to consider the impact that levers have on work.

Lesson Materials

AISI_Logo.jpgHow can we change the effort force needed to lift a load?

Lab Problem: How can you design a prototype lever to reduce effort force?

In this collaborative lab activity, students will design prototype levers, measure the effort force required to lift a load, and revise their prototypes to reduce the effort force needed to complete the task. 

Lab Activity Outline

AISI_Logo.jpgAmazing Machines: The Cereal Edition
Project created by M. Rosentreter, Warburg School.  Assisted by Steve Trueman, BGRS Instructional Coach

Topic 1 Levers and Inclined Planes

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Simple Machines: Inclined Planes Use these three activities to explore Inclined Planes and why they reduce the input force necessary to raise an object. (Calgary Academy Login)

Topic 2 The Wheel and Axle, Gears and Pulleys

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Simple Machines: Pulleys Use these three activities to explore how moveable pulleys reduce the force needed to raise an object. (Calgary Academy Login)

Simple Machines: Gears Use these two activities to explore how gears work and what advantage they have to cyclists. (Calgary Academy Login)

Pulley System A java applet that allows you to change the number of pulleys and determine the mechanical advantage.

Inventor's Toolbox

Exploratorium Investigate the drives and gears of a bicycle.

How Gears Work

How A Manual Transmission Works

Topic 3 Energy, Friction and Efficiency

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The Inclined Plane This applet allows you to study the relationship between friction and the force required to move an object along an inclined plane.

Topic 4 Force, Pressure and Area

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Topic 5 Hydraulics and Pneumatics

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Cartesian Diver
How a Toilet Works

Tpoic 6 Combining Systems

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Power Play

How Hydraulic Machines Work Investigate the hydraulics of backhoes, airplanes, car brakes, and loaders.

Topic 7 Machines Throughout History

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BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgInventing, Inventors, Inventions - Describe the structure and function of the classic simple machines and how they relate to more complex inventions.

The Official Rube Goldberg Website

Inventors' Workshop

Gizmo Highway The history of various machines from the airship to the DVD.

Topic 8 People and Machines

Internetconnect Topic 8

Made In Canada Canadian inventions and inventors.

Alberta Inventors and Inventions A dynamic resource for learning about Alberta Inventors and Inventions. 

General Resources

Pulley Lab

See-Saw Torque

Torque and Moment of Inertia

Science Focus Study tips, quizzes, and cool things to do.

Simple Machines: Overview Simple machines are everywhere in our lives, but how do they work? Use these activities to explore inclined planes, gears and pulleys as well as the ideas of speed ratios and mechanical advantages. (Calgary Academy Login)

Edheads-Simple Machines