Science 8 Unit C Light and Optical Systems

Topic 1 What is Light?

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Optics for Kids Explore the basic concepts about light, and optics.

Penumbra Effect This ExploreLearning Gizmo allows the user to gain an understanding of how partial shadows are created. The simulation features multiple light sources and adjustable light spacing. The width of the shadow-casting block and light distance can also be changed and the resultant cast shadow observed. Screen shots may be taken to record data. The resource includes an exploration guide and assessment questions.

Topic 2 Reflection

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Concave Mirrors-Real Images
Concave Mirrors-Virtual Images
Convex Mirrors-Virtual Images

Topic 3 Refraction

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Ray Tracing Lenses
Refraction of Light Using a Lens

Topic 4 Concave and Convex Mirrors

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Topic 5 Lenses and Vision

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Laser Eye SurgeryWebquest

Simple Magnification A magnifying glass is a bi-convex lens. It is convex on both sides, meaning that the glass is curved outward to form a dome. Things look bigger looking through convex lenses.

Microscope Magnification

Eye Site Your one stop source of information about eyes. Topics include eye anatomy, ailments, eye games and activities. Another net nugget from Mr. Slade.

Whose Eye Is It Anyway?

How Animals See The World - infographic

Topic 6 Extending Human Vision

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Microscope Magnification A microscope is a tool used by scientists to make things appear larger than they really are. This site allows you to look at a variety of specimens using different magnifications.
How Cameras Work Cameras combine optical, chemical and mechanical processes in a simple, yet amazing device. Get inside a single lens reflex camera.
How Night Vision Works Learn how night-vision goggles work.

Topic 7 The Source of Colours

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Twelve Part Color Wheel

Mix n Match You can mix just three colors of light to make over 16 million different colors!

Mixing Primary Colours

Primary Additive Colours Java Tutorial

Subtractive Primary Colours Java Tutorial

Single Filter Emission Java Applet This applet allows you to place a single, pure colored filter on a lamp. The lamp's light can be set by three scroll bars (red, green, and blue). The color of the filter can be selected.

Colour In Dots Discover how colour pictures in magazines are produced using tiny coloured dots.

Colour Wheels Optical illusions based on movement can be constructed in a variety of ways. Here we explore color wheels (with adjustable speeds) using simple patterns that create some spectacular optical illusions.

Topic 8 The Wave Model of Light

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Electromagnetic Spectrum
Spectrum Use this java applet to discover the relationship between wavelength and energy.

General Resources

Light and Optics Interactivesdigital learning object designed to help you understand the nature of light and appreciate the light technologies that have made our life better.

Light Terms Glossary Students use a PowerPoint template to provide definitions, examples, and graphics for terms used in Unit 3, Light and Optical Systems.

Light and Lenses 

Science, Optics and You Follow the links to explore some of the Java-based interactive tutorials that reveal the mysteries of light and optical systems.