Science 8 Unit B Cells and Systems

Topic 1 Living Organisms

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Virtual Galapagos

Topic 2 Microscopes and Cells

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Virtual Microscopy These virtual microscopes explore specimen focus, illumination intensity, magnification, and translation---operating essentially in a manner that is identical to real-life microscopes. A "must see" web site.

Electron Microscope View a bee eye or a carpet beetle with a simulation of an electron microscope.

Topic 3 The Cell and Its Structure

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BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgComparing Plant and Animal Cells Students use a virtual microscope to examine plant and animals cells.

Plant and Animal Cells This interactive diagram describes each part of plant and animal cells and provides a microscope view of several different types of cells.

The Virtual Cell This ambitious site presents an interactive, animated exploration of the cell, along with a good virtual textbook.

Plant and Animal Cell Organelles At this award-winning web site, you can see images of plant and animal cells in full colour.

Topic 4 Fluid Movements in Cells

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Canada's Food Guide

Topic 5 Cell Specialization and Organization

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Life Systems-Cells to Systems An interesting Science Page from Camilla School, full of images, notes, and links.

Virtual Knee Surgery Perform total knee replacement surgery – yourself, in a virtual operating room!

Topic 6 Body Systems in Humans

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BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgMonster Mash - build your own "Frankenstein" as you research parts ofthe human body

BBC Interactive Human Body

All Systems Are Go!

My Body A part of the site that explores the organ systems of the human body using Shockwave.

Body Systems A Thinkquest Library presentation of the 11 organ systems of the human body.

Teen Health Body Basics: Digestive System, Kidneys and Urinary Tract, Respiratory System
Operation: Heart Transplant Investigate a heart transplant operation in 19 easy steps.

Topic 7 Body Systems and Your Health

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Health Canada Online
Kids' Health Problems

General Resources Unit A science interactive links.