Science 7 Unit A: Interactions and Ecosystems

Topic 1 Interactions Within Ecosystems

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Keep Them Safe (Modified January 2016) Alberta has many species at risk.What can be done to prevent them from becoming extinct? This project is Investigation 1-l.

Consumers Producers and Decomposers Game

Food Chain Game
Interactive Food Chain + Effects of missing elements

Topic 2 Human Impacts on Ecosystems

Resort Rescue: Coastal Protection

Alberta Tomorrow Alberta Tomorrow is an exciting online land use simulator that demonstrates how our land use decisions can change Alberta’s ecosystems.Student Activity Sheet

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation
Climate Change 101

Topic 3 Environmental Choices

Ecological Footprint Quiz This web site has several different ways for you to understand and calculate your ecological footprint. You can also learn more about sustainability.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society A large selections of lesson plans connecting wildlife and habitat in PDF files.

Alberta Naturally

Smog City - an interactive air pollution simulator

Topic 4 How Organisms Interact

Food Chains Learn about the parts of a food chain and then build food chains for several different ecosystems.

Analyzing An Ecosystem This is an outstanding animation of an ecosystem in which the student must find the biotic and abiotic components. Instructional media from Alberta Learning.

Topic 5 Cycles in the Environment


The Water Cycle Instructional media from Alberta Learning. A Flash animation of the water cycle with definitions of evaporation, transpiration, condensation and precipitation.

The Carbon Cycle Instructional media from Alberta Learning.

Wonderville Water Treatment Activity. Science Alberta has produced a Flash animation dealing with the process of water treatment. Click on the Wonder-Nik sattelite and choose Activities and Water Treatment.

River Watch Alberta RiverWatch helps science classes to explore a 10-km section of their local river during a raft float trip. Along the way, students make shoreline stops to conduct water chemistry and biology tests.

Topic 6 Succession and Change in Ecosystems

BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgKeep Them Safe Alberta has many species at risk. What can be done to prevent them from becoming extinct? This project is Investigation 1-l

The Good, the Bad, and the Buggy Use the Agriculture and Rural Development site to gather information on an insect or plant pest that is being controlled using biological methods.

Alberta Species In Danger Several species are threatened with extinction or extirpation (extinction in a local area, but not globally) for a variety of reasons. Some are naturally rare and will always be at low numbers. Others have become threatened because of loss of habitat as a result of resource development or the expansion of urban or agricultural areas.

Species At Risk The Canadian Wildlife Service has and extensive web site describing the plants and animals in Canada that face extirpation or extinction due to human activities or environmental changes.

Hinterland Who's Who Video clips and fact sheets for birds and mammals of Canada.

Bears in Alberta

Topic 7 Environmental Monitoring

FrogWatch The FrogWatch web site contains pictures and sounds of frogs native to Alberta. There are links to activities and other NatureWatch web sites.

Spirit of Alberta Information on amphibian species found in Alberta.

iNaturalist  record what you see in nature and learn about the natural world

General Resources

BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgHow Can We Help? This project covers Alberta's grade 7 science curriculum (Unit A: Interactions and Ecosystems) in five sections. Through a mixture of online and downloadable activities, the students achieve specific learning expectations through activities that address different learning styles.

Water Watch The goal of Water Watch is to engage students, teachers and community members around Alberta in an investigation of the sources, uses and conservation options for Alberta's water resources.
Home Sweet Home The goal of Home Sweet Home is for Alberta students to make a collective and personal commitment in working towards an Alberta future where environmental sustainability is addressed, and to celebrate their collective commitment to making a difference Unit A science interactive links.
The Great Pipeline Plan This Wonderville activity examines the environmental impact of pipeline construction.