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NEW: Social Justice Unit

Social Justice Introduction: In part one of this Unit, social justice will be introduced, defined, and connected to a student's experience.(Unit can be completed as a whole or as stand-alone sections.) 

by Terra Kaliszuk


Social Justice.jpgSocial Justice Hall of Fame (Social Justice Part 2): In part two of this Unit, students will research social justice individuals and movements. They will create a magazine cover and article about their chosen topic. (Unit can be completed as a whole or as stand-alone sections.) 

NEW:Social Justice Part 3: In part three of this Unit, students will engage in literature circles and a spoken work poetry slam. Literature circles culminate in a group presentation task


24271.jpg  Magical Realism Book Club. In this unit, students use the novel Skellig as the context for participating in book club discussion.


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AISI_Logo.jpgExploring Novels through Student-Created Bloom's Taxonomy Questions

AISI_Logo.jpgThe Writing Fix

The Writing Fix is a resource for quality lessons designed to motivate reluctant writers.  Many lessons include student exemplars.

AISI-landscape_logo.jpgHow can I write my own powerful questions? Is it possible for students to create their own powerful, higher order thinking questions?  How can we capitalize on this quality, in-depth thinking to createassessment opportunities?   Created by Val Baron (EJELS) and Terra Kaliszuk (AISI Instructional Coach)

AISI_Logo.jpgDiscussion Skills - This teaching unit includes resources for setting a discussion-conducive classroom climate, discussion skill lessons, as well as discussion structures for classroom discussion activities.


 Video Journaling - Students will assume various roles as they create video journal entries that help develop a deeper understanding of the literary elements in the novel The Wreckers.


 What's in a Trailer? - Students will draw upon their background knowledge of movie and book trailers to create their own stop-animation trailer to create a story's sequel.

Tall Tale News Students help the news in its effort to become a Tall Tale.

Cyberganda Advertising Develop an appealing advertisment by becoming a more persuasive person and recognize the influential attempts of otehrs.

That's a Possibility: UFO'S Organize a debate about whether UFO's exist by developing a point of view.


Why should I care about poetry, anyway? (Poetry Guide) Students will investigate the connections between poetry and other text forms, as well as explore real-world applications of poetry beyond traditional poetry readings. (AISI)

What’s the big idea, anyway? Through poetry and other text forms (billboards, songs, news articles, photographic essays), students will investigate different       methods of communicating important messages and issues. Students will then apply    their knowledge to create a portfolio of poems communicating their own big idea(AISI)

AISI_Logo.jpg Kelly Gallagher Writing Strategies This document contains strategies based on Gallagher's Teaching Adolescent Writers book.  Included is the rationale behind his method,as well as immediate-use activities for teachers.

Figment Students will use Microsoft power point to storyboard a narrative based upon the title “The Once and Only King” (queen can be used for students who wish) HOTS

Poetry Analysis Compare and contrast two poems by Robert Frost and BJ Niktabe. HOTS

DURU CHECK HERE: Elements of a Short Story Interactives from Calgary Academy: Activity 1, activity 2, activity 3, activity 4, activity 5, activity 6

Point of View: Newspaper Report (Grades 7 and 8)
This resource shows how a newspaper report is structured and stresses the importance of language choice in the composition of a good article. Learn Alberta

Celebrity Garbage: Cal Calvino (Grades 6 and 7)
Using this interactive resource, students learn how to write a factual recount of events by helping a detective determine what happened to a missing celebrity. Learn Alberta

Fashion Design: Market Research (Grades 6 and 7)
This interactive resource challenges students to analyze information gathered from market research. Students review market surveys and listen to consumer interviews to determine information that will be valuable for successfully marketing a clothing line. Learn Alberta

Point of View: Editorial (Grades 7 and 8)
Using this resource, students learn about the structure and purpose of a newspaper editorial. Students read two editorials that express different points of view on skateboarding and then build their own editorial expressing their point of view using opinion adjectives and modal verbs.


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