Teacher Resources

General Resources

Smart Exchange Web Lessons, images, web pages for the SmartBoard

Teachers Love Smartboards Lessons, tips, tricks, tutorials.

SmartBoard Lessons Podcasts of 150 lessons for the SmartBoard.

Bubble Wrap

Eduscapes Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Thinking Blocks - Thinking Blocks is a suite of learning tools designed to help students solve math word problems accurately and efficiently

Telus Learning Connection (2Learn) thousands of pages of educational resources and links.

The Research Cycle

CBE Resource (Calgary Board of Education)

HOLT - interactive graphic organizers. PDF's that you can type in and then print or save. eg. Venn diagram, decision chart, tree diagram

The people from Common Craft, who brought you Social Networks in Plain English, have a new animated video titled "Project Based Learning: Explained." The description is clear and the examples are relevant to projects created for Netbooks.

Google Search Education - help your students become better searchers

FlexBooks - cK-12 customizable, free, curriculum-aligned content for K-12. Textbooks and study guides for most subject areas.

Rubistar A tool to help the teacher who wants to use rubrics but does not have the time to develop them from scratch

Understanding Rubrics learn what rubrics do--and why--you can create and use them to support and assess student learning


Photostory 3

Edmonton Public Schools Google Documents Help - note: some resources are specific to Edmonton Public Schools implementation but generally the resouces apply to all schools deployment of Google apps.

Google Earth ERLC Google Earth in the classroom Wiki

Office 2007 & 2010 First Steps (A set of tutorials to help familiarize yourself with Office 2007 or 2010)

Format Factory link to download, converts all popular video, audio, picture formats to others.

Student Response Network (SRN) is a powerful “virtual Clicker” student response system designed for use in school computer labs or with wireless laptop groups. It does away with the need for personal handheld “clicker” devices by providing a software-only solution for use with networked Windows desktops or laptops.

DropBox - the #1 online storage site, requires a small program download.

Drive - Googles online 5GB free storage, also a small program download. 

4 Teachers 4Teachers.org works to help you integrate technology into your classroom by offering FREE online tools and resources.

Internet4Classrooms A web site designed to help K-8 teachers use the Internet effectively.

Linda's Links To Literature Teacher Resources

Association for Middle Level Education A host of resources for the middle school professional.

Scholastic Online Activities a collection of web based, ready to use online activities

Teacher Web a free personal website that's as easy to use as the bulletin board in your classroom. Post assignments, announcements, and other educational material on your own classroom's bulletin board. 

Curriki - 40,000 k-12 learning resources and 250,000+ teachers

The Teaching Channel - videos of best practices

TED Ed - lessons based on videos from the TED series.

Welcome to the TechChickTips Resources Wiki!

UDL Toolkit

Try Engineering - lessons, engineering type games, FAQ's, University links, etc. a very complete resurce for engineering sciences.

AlbertaSource.ca The gateway to the Heritage Community Foundation's collection of online learning resources.

Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers - Kim Peacocks Protopage.

CanTeach-resources for educators hundreds of lesson plans, thousands of links, and tons of other resources

Canada's School Net a resource for Canadian teachers and students; An initiative of Canada's provincial, territorial and federal governments, educators, universities and industry which aims to link all of Canada's 16,000+ schools to the Web.

CBC/Radio-Canada Archives A selection of radio and television clips from the archives of the CBC.

There is a "For Teachers" section that features educational materials for grades 6-12.

Free Stuff For Canadian Teachers educators can find the latest links to free resources, materials, lesson plans,software, samples and computers.

Yakitome - convert text to speach such as PDF's, Word Docs, etc.

Three Ring - take pictures of student work/digitize it on your phone and use the site to organize the work, return to the student with comments or refer to it later.

Thinglink - easily add popups on photos. Free for up to 50 photos.

Remind101 - text your students about upcoming events.

Socrative - free student response system

Piazza - simple online BBS for the classroom.

SlideVibe - create an overlay on any web page that has aditional notes, links and resources.

Google Videos - Similar to YouTube, Google Video allows users to search, upload, and share videos online for free.

A list of video streaming sites from "Free Technology for Teachers"

  1. School Tube is a website dedicated to the sharing of videos created by students and teachers. 

  2. Teacher Tube  provides user generated videos for teachers by teachers.

  3. Next Vista is a nonprofit, advertising-free video sharing site run by Google Certified Teacher Rushton Hurley.

  4. Academic Earth is a video depot for individual lectures and entire courses from top universities.

  5. Snag Films and its companion site Snag Learning are great places to watch full length documentaries. 

  6. How Stuff Works quality of the educational content.

  7. Vimeo has all of the sharing options found on YouTube, but in a much cleaner and easier to use interface.

  8. Blip.tv aims to provide video creators with a high-quality service for sharing their web shows. 

  9. Dot Sub is full of user generated content that is subtitled into many different languages.

  10. CNN Student News is a daily web show highlighting a handful of stories. 

  11. Reuters Video Index To give my students a little more global perspective

  12. TED Talks are a great source of inspirational, thought-provoking, educational, and entertaining presentations.

  13. Big Think is a video website containing expert commentary on a wide range of issues and ideas. 

  14. Untamed Science offers a collection of videos and podcasts about biology and Earth science topics.

  15. FORA.tv is similar to Big Think in that it presents videos relevant to topics in the news.

  16. PopTech is a conference similar to TED that features leading experts from a variety of fields sharing their knowledge and passions.

  17. Current TV features user generated content about a diverse array of cultural and current news topics.

  18. PBS Video offers videos from the most popular shows including Frontline, NOVA, Nature, and American Experience.

  19. The History Channel and the Discovery Channel

  20. In addition to resources for learning languages, LangMedia offers a section called Culture Talk.

  21. The USGS Multimedia Gallery contains large collections of educational videos, animations, podcasts, and image galleries.

  22. Clip Syndicate news videos from television stations and other media outlets around the United States.

  23. Explore.org produces and hosts high-quality documentary films and photographs. 

  24. 22 Frames is a service that provides a central location for locating captioned videos for learning English.

  25. Free Video Lectures is a library of more than 18,000 video lectures from more than 700 courses. 

  26. Kids Tube is a video sharing hosting and sharing site designed for hosting content produced by kids.

  27. ESL Basics is a site that provides short video vocabulary lessons for beginning and advanced ESL students.

  28. FedFlix, hosted by the Internet Archive, is a collection of nearly 2000 films produced by the US government. 

  29. Art Babble is a video website designed and maintained by theIndianapolis Museum of Art

  30. Math A Tube is a compilation of videos from a variety of users and other websites.

  31. The Futures Channel has come to the rescue for those who are asked, "when are we ever going to use this?" 

  32. The Biology Department at Davidson College has a large collection of videos and animations of cell biology processes. 

  33. Math TV offers an extensive collection of high quality mathematics tutorials. 

  34. Brightstorm is a provider of online study materials for mathematics as well as ACT and SAT preparation.

VC Alberta

VCAlberta.ca is an Alberta resource for all things videoconferencing. It helps you find and connect to other sites in the Alberta learning system.


The Alberta Video Conference Regional Leads Network is a program established by Alberta Education and administered by the 2Learn.ca Education Society. The Regional Leads Network is intended to support Video-Conferencing enabled learning across Alberta's K-12 Education System.

General VC Links

Noodletrip - Contains a listing of US based content providers. Programs are searchable using a simple keyword, or an advanced search using various criteria. Program listings provide an event description, cost and intended grade level.

CILC - Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration provides a comprehensive list of programs, searchable by Keyword and Content Provider name. Summaries of each program are included and contain a brief description, intended audience and user ratings.

Teacher's Guide to VC - This guidebook was written to help teachers and others who are planning to connect classrooms through videoconferencing.

BCISD VC - Videoconference Program Database A searchable database of programs provided by video conference.

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