Let's Bring Alberta's History to Life! 


Created by Sharon Martin, Susan Hlady, Tracy Ratzlaff, Susan Mackey, Steve Trueman
Black Gold Regional Schools 
Updated 02/29/2012
Alexa Glasgow and Tarynne Angell




This is your chance to bring a historical Albertan to life! You and your partner will create an interview that may have taken place with this individual.


With your partner you will:

* Select a famous Albertan to be interviewed from the list provided.
* Complete the research guide. (individually)
* Meet with your partner to compare your information.
* Select interview questions from the list provided. Select 5-10 questions for your interview.
* Complete a rough copy of your interview containing both questions and answers. Hand this in for approval before moving on to the next step.

*Check your planning guide to review what images you will need. Find or create pictures and save them to your student folder.
* Work with your partner and create an interview using Media of your choice to create your interview.  Some suggestions for you (Photostory, PowerPoint, Bitstrips, Video)

An Exemplar (Photostory)


1. SELECTION: Select the person to be interviewed. Open Builders of Alberta to see the list.
Additional resources about these builders are provided to help you collect information.

2. RESEARCH GUIDE: Your goal here, is to discover as much as you can about this person. Hand your notes in for review. Use the guide provided to help you with your research.

3. PREPARE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: Plan your presentation. Select at least 5-10 questions from this interview guide to use in your presentation. Use your research information to create an interview or role play the person you research to tell about his/her life. (3 minutes)

4. Prepare a draft of questions and answers.  Use this Planning Guide.

5. Once your teacher has approved your planning guide, begin working on your presentation.

6. Review the criteria for your presentation


View the presentations.

Document Library:

Student Assessment








Limited *


Insufficient / Blank *


Research Guide


Accesses and retrieves significant and pertinent information from a variety of sources.

Accesses and retrieves meaningful and relevant information from a variety of sources.

Accesses and retrieves appropriate and generally applicable information from a variety of sources.

Accesses and retrieves vague and trivial information from few sources.

No score is awarded because there is insufficient evidence of student performance based on the requirements of the assessment task.


Interview Questions and Answers


Provides a comprehensive and insightful description of life and contributions.

Provides a detailed and thoughtful description of life and contributions.

Provides a superficial and simplistic description of life and contributions.

Provides a sketchy and unsupported description of life and contributions.





The presentation has an original, unique approach. Contributions this person has made to Alberta are clearly demonstrated.

The presentation is clever and creative. Contributions are adequately explained.

The presentation has few original touches and offers limited information.

The presentation is predictable and bland. It shows little evidence of contributions this individual has made.