Alberta Fossils


  • 2Learn Digging For Dinosaurs (student activities and great online resources to explore!)
  • Wonderville -Fossil Fabricator How long does it take to create a fossil? Millions of years, but with the Fossil Fabricator we can do it all in just a few minutes. Learn about different types of fossils as well as the perfect conditions that must be in place for their creation. Try your luck creating dinosaur bones, footprints or rare skin imprint fossils.
  • Royal Tyrrell Museum Select a gallery from the pull-down menu to get a glimpse of some of the fossils and dinosaur skeletons that tell the story of ancient Alberta at the Royal Tyrrell Museum.
  • Click on the image of Joseph B. Tyrrell to watch a cartoon about him, Joseph Tyrrell Vignette
  • Rockin' Alberta Resources  A 45-minute videoconference program; students explore the natural heritage of Alberta's badlands through geography, geology and paleontology. Through interactive components, games, images and animation, they learn about the different rock types, discover how the badlands formed, and take a look at some real fossils and the life of a paleontologists. Cost $125.00 (Tyrrell Museum)