Grade 4 Social Studies
4.1 Alberta: A Sense of the Land
Elements of physical geography, climate, geology and paleontology 


  1. BGRSLOGOsmall.jpg Oil Sands Debate  Students will research the oil sands from the perspective of a vested stakeholder, and then voice their opinion at a town hall meeting to persuade a prospective program manager to either continue, or halt, production of a new project.

  2. NEW! Create your own Province: Students will create a new province with their own flag, coat of arms, laws, and symbols.

  3. BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgChoose Your Own Alberta Adventure! Create a travelogue highlighting the unique sites Alberta has to offer! (Higher Order Thinking Skills - examine, determine, prioritize, recommend)

  4. BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgAmazing Alberta Road Tour Your team will research and find photos in order to create a video that will encourage families to vacation in the region  

  5. Identifying Resources, Jobs, and Tourism- Tracking document  

  6. Comparing Regions (Google Doc with a Venn Diagram)

  7. Alberta Roadside Detectives! Identify geographical features that characterize unique landmarks found in Alberta.

  8. Parks Brochure students create a brochure about Provincial and National Parks in Alberta with this lovely Slides template


  1.  BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgSocial Studies 4.1 Content Map This content map contains the curriculum for General Outcome 4.1 in an easy-to-use web format.   
    BGRSLOGOsmall.jpg   Social Studies 4 - Regions of Alberta - These regions pages are intended for whole class or individual use, allowing all readers to read the content with visual supports and live links. 
  2. Zooming In ... Alberta Regions
  3. Kahoot: Students click here  Kahoot! Badlands game - Try this fun interactive game created by Larry at Willow Park School, then create your own and share it with us!
  4. Exploring Fossils and the Fossil Record
  5. So, This is Alberta! Try this interactive comic book describing the history and culture of Alberta as seen through the eyes of the comic characters, a ground squirrel and a raven.  
  6. Agriculture in Alberta A Research Project**
  7. MAPS (Alberta)
  8. Landscapes: Compass and Mapping Skills


 Regions of Alberta
Photos and Images
Regions of Alberta 
Description and information
Alberta's Fossil Heritage/Paleontology
The Environment Alberta's Natural Resources Alberta's Unique Geographical Features