Grade 6
Topic D: Evidence and Investigation


  1. BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgWho Did It? (using a police database students study clues and uncover the criminals)

Resources and Activities

  1. Cretaceous Crime Scene 
  2. DNA Detective -solve the crime! Find out how DNA profiling can make sense of a crime scene and help I.D. a culprit from a list of suspects.
  3. Bones & The Badge- WebQuest become an expert forensic investigator
  4. Who Dunnit? A WebQuest where students learn how to be a crime solver by exploring the world of the forensic scientist
  5. smallnew.gifCopse and Robbers -A body has been found. Use your wildlife detective skills to inspect the crime scene and find the clues to reveal the killer’s true identity.
  6. The Art of Crime Detection online investigation into how art functions in criminal cases. Exercises lead students through careful attention to clues as they attempt to identify the mystery suspect.
  7. Wonderville- Milk Mystery; It’s a dairy mystery that’s something to moo about. Joe’s farm is not producing enough milk. Your mission is to use science to help Joe solve the mystery of the missing milk.
  8. Wonderville - The Case of the Kidnapped Cat  Fingerprinting activity

BGRS - Engaging Students Division II Sci D2 Science 6 Topic D: Evidence and Investigation