All About Me!

H. Peterson/S. Mackey BGRS April 2012

Topic E:  Plant Growth and Changes

Learn about the structure and growth of plants! Recognize and describe different forms of leaves, stems, roots and flowers and describe their functions in supporting the growth and reproduction of the plant.  

After conducting some research tell the story of a flower from the flower's point of view. Include information about the lifecycle of your plant, parts of your flower and their function, as well as, requirements this plant needs to stay healthy, and how this plant reproduces.

Put your creative hat on, and add as many details as possible. Below are a few presentation ideas for you, pick the one that appeals to you!

Diary entries from the point of view of the flower (see template below)Each day your diary entry will focus on one element of your life. Your diary entries will be written in the first person point of view. 

A Wevideo or Powtoon retelling various aspects of your life (use the storyboard planning guide as a tool to help you tell about your life from beginning to end!)

An interview with your flower. This interview could be in the form of a television appearance, or it could be one flower interviewing another - use your imagination!


Step #1 

Before you begin...Read some books to familiarize yourself with the first person point of view. Diary of a Worm, Diary of a Fly, Diary of Spider by  Doreen Cronin (Author).          

**Note: These books (Diary of a Fly, Diary of a Worm, Diary of a Spider) can be found  on the
BOOKFLIX Website (Learn Alberta Online Reference Centre) Click on the Animals and Nature category.

Step #2 Do the Research. Use the resources below and look for your own additional information; the more information you find, the easier it will be to create your presentation. Download the Research Guide, or get a copy from your teacher. When you have completed your research, hand the guide in to your teacher.


Step #3   When your research guide is returned to you with your teacher's initials you are ready to begin your presentation. Select the appropriate planning guide below and get started. 

 Planning Guides

Use the plan below to create a photostory. Put yourself in the shoes of this plant and think about what your life is like. 

Storyboard Planning Guide - All About Me (Plants)

Prepare for an interview with a plant. Complete the storyboard below. 

You will need to decide what the interview will look like. 

Interview Storyboard


Review the criteria and Rubric for this project:

My presentation includes:  Checklist
information about plant requirements  
how to keep plants healthy  
Why plants don't grow well  
plant lifecycles  
First person (plants) point of view  
Examples and details to support a position  
Images to support information