Diary of a Flower

Created by Carlene Nelson and Susan Mackey
Updated May 2012

You will be learning and telling us about a flower through the eyes of the flower. Each day your diary entry will focus on one element of your life. Your diary entries will be written in the first person point of view.


Before you begin...Read some books to familiarize yourself with the first person point of view.
These are the books that we used as inspiration for this project! Diary of a Worm, Diary of a Fly, Diary of Spider by  Doreen Cronin (Author). 
          **Note: These books (Diary of a Fly, Diary of a Worm, Diary of a Spider) can be found  on the 
BookFLIX Website Click on the Animals and Nature category. (Learn Alberta Online Reference    Centre) 

In order to understand a flower's life you will need to do some research and gather facts about a flower. You can use a concept map such as Lucidchart or Google Drawings to help you. See the subtopics below:

    • What are the parts of a plant? why do plants have these parts?
    • Identify the life stages of a plant
    • How do seeds get from place to place?
    • Description of an annual flower that grows in Alberta
    • Growing a healthy plant; What are the plant's requirements for growth (sunlight, soil conditions, water, nutrients, air temperature etc.)


These Resources should help you with your research:

  Geranium,  StrawflowerPhloxPetuniaImpatiensDahliaDusty MillerBegoniaDaisy or other

Parts of a Flower (review) The Basics of Plant Growth Flower Pollinators
Helping Plants Grow Well (BBC) Parts of a Flower Pollinators
Reproductive Organs(Flowers) Life Cycles (BBC) Flowers are Vital, (Video, Pollination)
Flower Anatomy


Now you should be ready to write your diary entries. A template has been set up especially for you!

         Slides Diary Template Version Française

Diary of a Flower Template.jpg    French Diary of a Flower Template.jpg

Criteria Chart

-- Captures the voice of a Flower
-- Writes persuasively -- 
-- Uses examples, details, and images to support a position 
-- Employs precise nouns and verbs 
-- Writes with a minimum of grammatical & spelling errors

4) All 3) Most 2) Some 1) Little, if any