Grade 4

Topic E: Plant Growth and Changes



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  • BGRSLOGOsmall.jpg PLANTS: THE GAME! students will apply their knowledge of plant basic needs, and their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills 

  • BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgSMART PLANTS!  In this project, students will work with a partner to create an interactive Smartboard centre that classifies plants according to their characteristics and uses.

Resources and Activities

  1. PowerKnowledge: Plants Powerknowledge has 10 sections on plants. Videos, web links, games, listen feature, and a list of science experiments are included.

  2. Study Jams - (Scholastic) includes a teaching video, key vocabulary, and also has a  “test yourself” section (Roots & Stems, Photosynthesis, Seeds in Cones, flowers, Mosses & Ferns, The Kingdoms of Life, Plants with Seeds, Seeds in Fruit, Plants without Seeds, Plant Adaptations

  3. YouTube Video The Beauty of Pollination
  4. gear.gif Germination Gizmo Plant seeds and watch how many sprout. Examine what factors affect germination. Vary the amount of heat, water, and light the seeds get. Practice designing controlled experiments and using the scientific method. (You must log-in to before going to the gizmo.)
  5. gear.gif Growing Plants Gizmo Investigate the growth of three common garden plants: tomatoes, beans, and turnips. You can change the amount of light each plant gets, the amount of water added each day, and the type of soil the seed is planted in. (You must log-in to before going to the gizmo.)
  6. gear.gifFlower Pollination Gizmo Observe the steps of pollination and fertilization in flowering plants. Help with many parts of the process by dragging pollen grains to the stigma, dragging sperm to the ovules, and removing petals as the fruit begins to grow. (You must log-in to before going to the gizmo.)
  7. gear.gifPollination: Flower to Fruit Label a diagram that illustrates the anatomy of a flower, and understand the function of each structure. Compare the processes of self pollination and cross pollination, and explore how fertilization takes place in a flowering plant.
  8. Wonderville - Kelvin Adventures The Dirt On SoiDescribe the importance of plants to humans and their importance to the natural environment.Importance to humans and the environment (information)

  9. Plants and life on Earth Identify and describe the general purpose of plant roots, stems, leaves and flowers. 

  10. Questions about Plants (Science Games and Activities for Kids)

  11. The Potato Story - The Basics of Plant Growth   Parts of Plants Quiz #1   Parts of Plants Quiz #2

  12. Watch it Grow!  Pick the seeds you want to grow, then go to the garden to plant them. 

  13. The Great Plant Escape Case #1 - identify the different parts of plants, what each part does, and how plants grow. Plant requirements for growth; identify the light, temperature, water and growing medium requirements of the plant.

  14. The Great Plant Escape Case #2 Understand the relationship between soil and plant life. Life cycle-from seed to seed. 

  15. The Great Plant Escape Case #3 Discover how a seed grows into a plant; ways that various flowering plants can be propagated, including from seed, from cuttings, from bulbs and by runners.

  16. The Great Plant Escape #4 Discover that one plant can produce many other plants.

  17. Helping Plants Grow Well (BBC) Sarah Jane has been kidnapped by the Blathereen! Help grow the rakweed to win her freedom in this plant game.

  18. My First Garden - Shows how gardening can be fun and covers the basics of planning, tools needed, and plant care.

  19. Factors affecting Plants A useful site to revise the structure of a plant. It also looks at how plants need water, light and heat.

  20. Life Cycles (BBC Interactive)

  21. The Life Cycle of Plants- Activities to familiarize pupils with the life cycle of plants from seed to dispersal. Whiteboard Version

  22. The Life Cycle of a Fern

  23. Biology of Plants (Plant Parts, Making Food, Pollination, Seed Dispersal, Plant Adaptations)

  24. Plant Life Cycles This site has an animation of the life cycle of a plant. There is a comprehension exercise on this and a quiz to test your knowledge.

  25. Plant Reproduction. Learn about the parts of a flower and their role in pollination through a series of Whiteboard activities.

  26. Parts of a Flower Quiz   Label the Diagram parts of plants and Flowers

  27. Wonderville: Kelvin Adventures - When I Grow Up Crash-landing on a strange planet, Kelvin must help his people survive. Kelvin must go underground to save the crops. Help Kelvin and his people navigate through five toxic levels and stop the pollutants!
  28. Wonderville: Photosynthesis It’s a game of circular survival. Take a closer look at plants and what their requirements are for photosynthesis. What is the chemical reaction and what does it look like? Where does it all occur within the leaf anatomy and more!
  29. ABCya animate - Animate the plant cycle
  30. Kahoot game on plant seeds created by Mrs. McClements. Students click here Teachers click here Create your own game and share the link with us!

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