buildingdevices.gif Topic C: Building Devices and Vehicles that Move


BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgAISI_Logo.jpgTwisted Trio Toys In this experiential project, students act as employees of TTToys - a toy company that aims to create innovative toys from recycled materials.

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Resources and Activities

  1. ZoomBuild design and build your own cool contraptions.
  2. Brave the rides with ParkWorld Plot!  Rival park owner, Bertie Block, is plotting to break one of ParkWorld's rides.Investigate the science of forces to save ParkWorld from ruin...
  3. Amusement Park Physics Learn about the physics of various amusement park rides. Design your own roller coaster. 
  4. The Science of Cycling
  5. Pushes and Pulls (BBC)
  6. Forces and Movement (BBC)
  7. Friction (BBC)
  8. Forces in Action (BBC)
  9. Science in a Crate: Building Devices and Things That Move
  10. WHoaHler Coaster! Make a roller coaster and then test it.
  11. Kahoot game on Simple Machines created by Mrs. Hyson. Students click here Teachers click here Create your own game and share the link with us!


BGRS - Engaging Students Division II Sci D2 Science 4 Topic C: Building Devices and Vehicles that Move