science_machines.gif Grade 4
Topic B: Wheels and Levers  


  1. Simple Machines Project

Resources and activities

  1. PowerKnowledge: Levers Powerknowledge has 9 sections on levers. Videos, web links, games, listen feature, and a list of science experiments are included.
  2. PowerKnowledge: Simple Machines Powerknowledge has 11 sections on simple machines. 
  3. Students Click HERE for a Kahoot Game on Simple Machines made by Mrs. McClements. Teachers Click HERE to begin the review game.
  4. All About Simple Machines
  5. Dirtmeister's Science Reporters: Simple Machines
  6. Simple Machines Test 18 questions
  7. Simple Machines Game from the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago
  8. May the Forces of Push and Pull Be with You! (Smart Technologies Educator Resource)
  9. Medieval Levers
  10. Robot Factory Become factory boss with Crash and build robots to help him accomplish his tasks. Learn about wheels and levers and simple machines to create a successful robot factory.
  11. Simple and Complex Machines (Lab) These labs will help students recognize simple machines as they are used by them and around them.
  12. Simple Machines Game Help Twitch collect the parts to repair a robot by using 4 different types of simple machines: an inclined plane, lever, wheel and axle, and pulley.
  13. Sid the Science Kid: Balancing Act Move the birds and add bird seed to the feeder to balance the lever. Look for the baby birds and watch the cocoon hatch into a beautiful butterfly.
  14. Beacon Learning Centre- Click the pictures to learn more about simple machines.
  15. Wheels and Levers lyrics; fun!
  16. Simple Machines Instructional PowerPoint
  17. OK Go video featuring a Rube Goldberg machine.