Mathematics Grade 6

Number       Patterns and Relations      Shape and Space       Statistics and Probability

Virtual Manipulatives

 Number Pieces   Number Line   Number Frames  Number Rack   Number Pieces Basic  Math Vocabulary    Pattern Shapes  Geoboard
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General Mathematics Sites

  • Khan Academy -Sixth grade math activities. Students can make use of an extensive video library, practice exercises, and assessments from any computer with access to the web. They can also complete custom self-paced lessons receiving point, and badges to measure success. Login with Blackgold Google Accounts. Information for teachers
  • Math Games Math activities organized by grade level or curricular outcome. 
  • e-learning for kids Math 
  • Virtual Math Manipulatives The collection allows the user to select a grade level (K-8), various backgrounds or workmats, and specific tools and manipulative materials that will work on a Chromebook.
  • Virtual Manipulatives: Geoboard, number line, vocabulary cards, etc. that will work on a Chromebook.
  • Learn EveryWare online lessons
  • Mathmaster -math tutorial videos (Looks like mostly Khan Academy) and paired them with the ability to make up worksheets that cover all sorts of mathematical topics and grades
  • Teacher Resources (Planning Guides, Videos, Smart board resources, review quizes)
  • Study Jams -  includes a teaching video, key vocabulary, and also has a  “test yourself” section (numbers, multiplication, decimals/percents, geometry, data analysis, problem solving, addition subtraction, fractions, algebra, measurement, probability)
  • Quizlet - has practice questions in a variety of topics
  • Interactive Base 10 Blocks
  • Nelson Math Focus Six Student Centre  Nelson Math Focus Six Web Quests