Grade 4 Writing

BGRSLOGOsmall.jpgWrite On!  Using picture prompts, students writing will be modelled for students, who will then do their own writing.

Interactive Writing Tools

  1. Mo'olelo A cool too that lets students use a vast bank of animations to help brainstorm and then transfers their work to a story plan in a Google doc with the push of a button.
  2. Basketball Clinic Help a group of students improve their basketball skills but setting up some drills.
  3. Storybird - Art Inspired Collaborative Story Telling! Storybird reverses the process of visual storytelling by starting with the image and "unlocking" the story inside. Choose an artist or a theme, get inspired, and start writing!  Teachers Set up a class Account
  4. Scholastic Story Starters A creative activity that can be different every time you try it. Select your grade and then spin the wheels to see what your story will be about. Then, choose a format for the story.
  5. Write your Own Fractured Fairy Tale (Read Write Think) This interactive tool gives students a choice of three fairy tales to read. They are then guided to choose a variety of changes, which they use to compose a fractured fairy tale to print off and illustrate. 
  6. Expand a story using Telescopic TextTry your own.
  7. Myths Brainstorming Machine This machine was built to help you come up with ideas to write a myth of your own. Follow the directions, use your imagination, and have fun! Scholastic
  8. Letter Generator- Interactive activity for writing friendly or business letters. Read*Write*Think
  9. Book Report Sandwich - Write a book report online! Gather all the ingredients you'll need to write a tasty book report. With each sandwich layer, you'll enter a different piece of important information
  10. Story Map  Interactive tool provides a set of graphic organizer to help map out the key literary elements of character, setting, conflict, and resolution. (character traits list) Read*Write*Think
  11. Character Traits- Action Is Character: Exploring Character Traits with Adjectives Read*Write*Think
  12. Character Trading Cards The interactive Character Trading Cards tool is a fun and useful way to explore a character. Read*Write*Think
  13. Writing Directions Grade four and Five Language Arts - Basketball Clinic  This interactive resource from The Learning Federation asks you to write clear, sequenced directions that will help improve the shooting, passing, and dribbling skills of basketball players. 
  14. Newspapers, Posters, Comics- Gr. 4-6 LearnAlberta: Communicating Ideas Using Posters, Newspapers, and Comics Design and print effective posters, newspapers, and comic strips. 
  15. Gr. 4-6 Rap Machine Space Travel Change the lyrics of a rap song to create a new rap song about space travel.Comic Creator Tools
  16. Bitstrips For Schools - Unlock the educational power of comics
  17. Create Your Own Comic With Marvel comics
  18. Make Beliefs Comix Create your own comic strip (print or email your comic)
  19. ToonDoo  Comic book creator tool
  20. Go! Animate easiest way to make animations exactly the way you want.
  21. Voki is a free service that allows you to create personalized speaking avatars and use them on your blog, profile, and in email messages
  22. Unique Animals of the World
  23. Fairy Tales WebQuest
  24. Fables! Fables! Fables!
  25. Daily Writing Prompts