Poetry- Grade 4

Interactive Tools

  1. Diamante Poems This online tool enables students to learn about and write diamante poems. Read*Write*Think
  2. Write a Shape Poem   Read*Write*Think
  3. Acrostic Poems This online tool will help you learn about and write acrostic poems.  Read*Write*Think
  4. Create a Monster Poem (an interactive tool to help you select adjectives to create a great monster poem)
  5. Eye on Idioms After viewing the literal representation of each idiom, students are asked to complete the sentence by selecting the 
    correct idiom from the list.
  6. Riddle Interactive The Riddle Interactive outlines the characteristics of riddle poems and provides direct instruction on the prewriting and drafting process for writing original riddle poems.  Read*Write*Think
  7. Paint by Idiom Idioms add color to language. Help FunBrain.com's grand master, Salvabear Dali, finish his paintings by identifying the correct expression.
  8. Figurative language PPTs and lesson plan

Poems to Read

  1. Charles Chigna Poems
  2. Kenn Nesbitt's Poetry
  3. Giggle Poetry
  4. The Children's Poetry Archive
  5. Poetry Corner

How To

  1. How to Write a Diamond Poem
  2. How to Write a 5W Poem
  3. How to Write an I AM Poem
  4. How to Write a Name Poem
  5. How to Write a Cinquain
  6. How to Write a Bio Poem
  7. Rhyming Dictionary