Cross-Curricular Resources


FSL Resources


  1. GeoSpy- A geography game from National Geographic
  2. Latitude Longitude Links
  3. Maps and Map Games (Test your geography skills!)
  4. Outline Maps (These maps may be printed and copied for classroom use)
  5. National Geographic Kids (games, news, animals, pictures, postcards)

Puzzles and Quizzes

  1. JigZone
  2. City Creator
  3.  CryptoKids How to make your own secret codes, games and activities!
  4. PuzzleMaker


  1. Walking with Dinosaurs: BBC site about dinosaurs. Lots of video clips.
  2. National Geographic Wildlife Filmmaker Make a custom nature film. Students click and drag animal clips, sound clips, a song and then if there's time they can write, save and add captions. Ask the students to write about a mammal, a bird, and a reptile!
  3. Scholastic: Dinosaur activities
  4. All About Birds


  1. Arts Alive Learn all about orchestral music, the NAC Orchestra, its musicians and friends, great composers, conductors and much more!
  2. The Art Zone- Interactive art that you can make online!
  3. Art Express - Select a grade level and try one or more of the interactive online art activities. Great fun!
  4. Art Adventure Website - (From Cave Art to Your Art, The Art of Crime Detection, Leonardo's Workshop, Go West, Young Artist,
    Color Theory vs. Dr. Gray, Be an Architect, Out of this World Design, Face to Face)
  5. The Artist's Toolkit: visual Elements and Principles (Explore the tools that artist use like line, colour, and balance- to build works of art)
  6. Inside Art: An Art History Game: An excellent art history game which enables children to interact
    by following a story relating to particular paintings and selecting where the story takes them next.
  7. Mixing Colours - This interactive resource from The Learning Federation allows students to
    use a mixing machine to make new colours from red, blue, yellow, and white
  8. A Lifetime of Color- Lesson Plans by grade
  9. Musical Mysteries This music education site explores sound, rhythm, mood and the orchestra.
  10. Instruments of the Orchestra

Health/Careers/Internet Safety


  1. Kids Health - Health information geared towards kids and teens. Kids - you can choose from articles in many areas

  2. The Virtual Body human brain, skeleton, human heart, digestive tract

  3. Hand Hygiene  (Grade 4)  Health and Life Skills Wellness Choices - Students will make responsible and informed choices to maintain health and to promote safety for self and others.

  4. NutritionData - is an amazing website which generates nutrition facts and easy to understand
    nutritional analyses for all types of foods and recipes.


  1. Internet Safety - Kids in the Know Created for Grade 4  Pour la sécurité - enfants avertis

  2. Bullying; S-Team Heroes

  3. KABAM! Comic Creator - "Help the BAM! Bunch through the day... Give the best advice to the characters
    and then re-create their story in an interactive create your own comic book game!"



  1. Alberta Career Profiles


Study Skills



  1. Seven Steps to Effective Library Research




  Canadian Thanksgiving
  Christmas Around the World WebQuest


WebQuest Projects

WebQuest-A Dream Vacation

The Stowaway Adventure (Real Time Activities)
Wonderful World of Weather (Real Time Activities)
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs