Poetry - Grade 3

  1. Essential Children's Poetry Search by poet, title, phrase. A large collection of poems for children.
  2. It's Fun to Read: Poetry
  3. Read Write Think Theme Poems
  4. Read Write Think Riddle Interactive
  5. Read Write Think Diamante Poems
  6. Write a Shape Poem (an interactive tool!)
  7. Acrostic Poems and online tool to help students learn about and write acrostic poems.
  8. Poetry by Category
  9. Halloween Poetry
  10. Poetry Writing with Jack Prelutsky Grades 1-4
  11. Smartboard Activity -Using Similies to Enhance Writing Skills A teaching aid to help children understand the use of similes in their writing. There is an option to download the teaching pack to your hard drive.
  12. Charles Chigna Poems
  13. Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales
  14. Poetry Corner