Inquiry & Project-Based Learning

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Planning     Student Roles & Responsibilities    Teacher Strategies     Group Work Skills    Assessment


Planning: Individual/group project proposals, planning guides, planning strategies, and checklist. 

Individual Project Proposal.png  Group Project Proposal.png  Project based planning guide.png  Project Planning Checklist.png

Strategy Video: Addressing student stumbling blocks.

Samples: Completed Planning Guides
Grade 2 Grade 5

Student Roles: Supporting students to contribute to project content and process.

NOTE: Students can maintain one role, or flex between different roles. 
Data Gatherer.png  Project Manager.png  Critic.png  Goal Setter.png  Discussion.png  Connector.png  Accuracy .png 

Group Work Skills: Lessons supporting student success in groups.












Teacher Strategies: Project Management

Strategy Video: Sorting Student-Generated Questions








Project Assessment: Assessment planning maps (PDF and Google Drawing)

Project assessment map.png  Sample assessment Map.png  Editable.png

Resources in the works (coming soon!):

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Lesson on student strengths