Extensions for your Chrome Browser


Allows you to record and save screencasts to your Drive or to Youtube

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ColorPick Eyedropper shows you the HEX code for any colour in your browser.

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Goobric allows you to attach a rubric to a Google Classroom assignment

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Google Training extension that gives training tutorials for Google tools. 


Text to speech will read web pages

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Snagit is a screen capture tool

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Ghostery tells you who's tracking you on the web


Undo Closed Tabs. Or use the shortcut keys CRTL-SHIFT-T


SpeakIt! reads web pages and selected text in PDFs


Feedly Notifier for RSS


Tab Resize Split Screen moves your tabs into a split screen setup of your choice. Handy if you need to drag and drop from one tab to another. Try alt ] or alt [ first.


Save to Google Drive saves anything open in your browser directly to Google Drive

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Launch a Google Hangout from your browser


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View, annotate, or share PDFs in your browser.

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YouTube Distraction Free. Removes everything but the video thats playing


Goo.gl URL shortener shortens links and gives you a QR code to share

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Adblock blocks advertisements on sites including YouTube

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OneTab brings all the tabs you want to share into one link that students can open.

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View and edit Office files with Google


Google Translate extension translates an entire page into the language of your choice


Allows you to cast your screen to a Chromecast

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Saves your clipboard history for later use


Google Tasks in your browser in any window!