1. Kids Health.org site covers a variety of issues today’s teens deal with. There is a section for kids, teens and parents on grief and loss. 

2. Teen Grief Support helpful resources teens experiencing grief and loss .

3. Kids Help Phone Practical information about Grief and Loss. 

 4. Loss, Grief & Growth provides strategies, activities and resources in grade clusters from pre-K to Grade 12 for Canadian teachers.

5. National Association of School Psychologists large resource bank of supports for school psychologist and teachers. Key pdfs are: Death & Grief, Cope with Loss, Death & Grief, and Managing Strong Emotional Reactions to Traumatic Events  

6. Non-denominational/irreligious books on helping kids cope with grief: 

7.Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute

Additional handouts provided in the session: Complicated Grief, When we lose a Parent,  Resources for those experiencing Grief,  Resource Books, Poems & songs, Understanding Common Patterns of Avoiding Grief, Journalling & checklists, Identifying

8. Webinars provided by Mental Health Capacity Building in support of issues around suicide that may be useful for you. Below is a link to 10 easy access webinars the Suicide Prevention Website: http://suicideinfo.ca/Training/Webinars.aspx

Talking points for students and staff AFTER a suicide

Monitoring students after a death or crisis event

Individual debriefing

Helping your child after a crisis

Help students process the loss