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The online courses on this page were developed by the Distributed Learning Branch of Alberta Education for use by Alberta teachers, students and parents. All copyright information is included in each of the courses. The Distributed Learning Branch of Alberta Education provides Learn EveryWare resources for the development and delivery of distributed learning in Alberta's educational institutions.  Learn EveryWare resources reflect current distributed learning philosophies and can be used at any time, in any place and at any pace.  Learn EveryWare resources can be used by students in a variety of different learning environments—distance learning, classrooms, homeschooling and outreach—and the resources are available in print and online formats to best meet student needs.  As well, Learn EveryWare resources can be used by Alberta educators in the development of their own lessons, print or digital, and/or in preparing for upcoming courses.

These online courses are intended to be delivered by a certificated teacher in an online or classroom situation. However students, parents and teachers are welcome to use the material on these pages to assist them in their coursework.

If you are a teacher in Black Gold Regional School District No. 18 and would like access to the Teacher Guides for any of the courses below please contact:

Jennifer Southcombe
Online Education Coordinator
Black Gold Regional Schools

CTS and Option Courses Humanities Courses Math Courses Science Courses
AGR 3000 Agriculture Safety Social Studies 9 Mathematics 1 Biology 20
CCS 3110 Early Learning and Childcare 1 Social Studies 10-1 Mathematics 2 Biology 30
CCS 3120 Early Learning and Childcare 2 Social Studies 10-2 Mathematics 3 Units 1 & 2 Chemistry 20
CCS 3130 Early Learning and Childcare 3 Social Studies 20-1 Mathematics 4 Chemistry 30
CCS 3140 Early Learning and Childcare 4 Social Studies 20-2 Mathematics 5 Physics 20
CCS 3150 Early Learning and Childcare 5 Social Studies 30-1 Mathematics 6 Physics 30
FIN 1010 Personal Financial Inf Social Studies 30-2 Mathematics 8  
FIN 1015 Accounting Prep   Mathematics 9  
FIN 1020 Accounting Cycle 1   Mathematics 10-C  
FIN 1030 Accounting Cycle 2   Mathematics 10-3  
FOD 1010 Food Basics   Mathematics 20-1  
FOD 1020 Contemporary Baking   Mathematics 20-2  
HCS 3000 Workplace Safety Systems   Mathematics 20-3  
HCS 3010 Workplace Safety Practices   Mathematics 30-1  
HSS 1010 Health Services Foundations   Mathematics 30-2  
INF 1070 Digital Presentation   Mathematics 30-3  
INF 2020 Keyboarding      
INF 1030 Word Processing 1      
INF 1060 Spreadsheet 1      
INF 2050 Word Processing 2      
INF 2080 Spreadsheet 2      
COM 1205 Photography - Introduction      
COM 1215 Photography - Exposure      
COM 1275 Photography - Digital Processing      
COM 2205 Photography - Composition      
COM 3225 Photography - Colour      
COM 3245 Photography - Outdoor      
MAM 1010 Marketing and Management